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[App Review] Apps For A Fitter, Better You!

[App Review] Apps For A Fitter, Better You!

Want to track your runs but can’t afford to spend on expensive gadgets? A galore of sports apps you could possibly need are now at your fingertips! With just your iPhone, you can now track your routes, time yourself, check how far you have run, design your own diets, find out more about sports, nutrition and diets, and best of all, upload all that you have learnt or done onto your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter!

Now, what are some of the best, and more importantly, free apps out there for the iOS? Your reporter gives you the latest scope:

Find top routes in your area, map your runs, track your progress, and get in-run audio feedback on your distance, pace and time. Let Nike+ alert you of your speed and distance every 3-5 km so you can keep track as you run. Broadcast your routes on Facebook and let your friends cheer you on! Using PowerSongs, you can also listen to songs that pump you up as you run.

A social networking app for athletes, Tribesports connects you to athletes from all over the world. Find like-minded people with similar interests, and get to know professionals like nutritionists and fitness bloggers. Any questions regarding sports-related issues? Never fret, as Tribesports features chats and tribes where you can find information on just about any topic related to sports and fitness! Also, feel free to accept challenges issued by others as well as share your achievements with friends and people from all around the world.


Using Runkeeper, you can now track your runs, walks, and bike rides and view detailed stats about your pace, distance and time. Best of all, you get stats, progress, and even coaching through built-in audio cues, as well as having a feature to take pictures along the way at different locations. A detailed history of your activities can also be viewed so you can track your progress over a period of time. Also, to get a deeper insight into your overall health and fitness, simply integrate your data together with other apps such as Fitbit, Withings, Zeo, Garmin and many more!

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter              

With the largest food database of any calorie counter in the world, and the fastest food and exercise entry, you can now keep track of your workouts and calorie intake every day. Simply key in the timings and distances covered in your runs, as well as your calorie intake for the day, and you are all set to go. With MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter, you can keep track of all the calories you have consumed each day as well as craft and customize your own exercise regimes.

With all these apps to help you with your routine, you are all set to go, and the best thing is that all of them are absolutely free! So what are you waiting for? Grab your smartphones and download these apps now, and be ready to see a fitter, better you!

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