[Review] The Ultra-Slim Business Note Writer, Premium Pro Edition [FG-3001CB]

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lifetrons_ultra-slim_business_note_writerEquipped with a wireless pen and receiver, this is a handy device for any university student or professional, and definitely one that all students should consider getting. Despite costing a fairly huge sum of around SGD$221, this device is ideal for students as it is convenient and allows them to take notes in classes quickly. This product is so ideal that it has even been awarded the iF Product Design Award 2012 – Gold. Your reporter gives you the latest scoop on this useful product for all students:



Users can record up to 190 pages worth of handwritten notes, diagrams and sketches, just by using the wireless pen on any ordinary paper up to your standard A4 size. All the user has to do is clip the receiver to the top of the paper he or she is writing on and it is good to go. Everything that is written will be recorded by the receiver, which can be uploaded to the user’s iPhone, iPad or computer by connecting the devices using the USB cable. Aside from that, students can also edit their notes or sketches either on their mobile device or computer. This can be done virtually at anytime and anyplace, and allows students to add new materials or make corrections to existing notes. These notes can then be printed or shared as images.

There is also an additional MyScript Studio handwriting recognition software that is included in the Premium Pro edition, which recognizes handwritten notes in multiple languages and transforms these handwritten notes to digitized text. These texts can then be cut and pasted into Microsoft Word or any other word processing software. A highly effective tool for organizing notes efficiently and sharing them with others, this is definitely a device that all students should consider obtaining to aid them in their studies.


This product is sleek and slim, the receiver being only 7.9mm thick. The different components of this product include the following:

  • Receiver
  • Wireless Pen
  • USB Connecting Cable
  • Leather storage pouch
  • USB flash drive with software
  • 2 standard D1 ink refills
  • 4 SR41 button batteries
  • User guide

The software “Note Manager” for Microsoft Windows OS or “NoteTaker” for MAC OS, which is used to store and edit the images transferred from the receiver, can be downloaded at http://www.lifetrons.ch/.

Price and Location

Sold at SGD$221, this device can be bought inflight on many airlines, or bought online at http://www.lifetrons.ch/. A one-year international warranty is also included for all devices.