[Photography] Montage 2014: NUS Photographic Society Celebrates Singapore Photography

SADEAF Photography Workshop
SADEAF Photography Workshop

The Photographic Society of The National University of Singapore (NUSPS) is holding its annual nation-wide photo-festival, Montage 2014, from now till 3rd August. Garnering up to 1,500 entries each year, Montage is one of the biggest and most anticipated photography events of the year run entirely by the management committee of NUSPS.

Montage 2014: Photo Festival
This year’s Montage aims to reach out to the community beyond NUS. Apart from the usual festival programs such as the competition, exhibition, public ­­­workshops and seminars; it is the first time for NUSPS to hold a series of workshops in collaboration with photography enthusiasts from the Singapore Association for the Deaf (please see attached picture) and educational institutions such as Anglo-Chinese Junior College and Singapore Polytechnic as part of its outreach to the young budding photographers.
The theme for this year’s Montage is “Kaleidoscope: The Observation of Beautiful Forms”, inviting all to take a different perspective in their everyday life, so as to see the beauty in their surroundings. Thus, the tagline for the event is “I see beauty in…” and the hashtag on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is “#canyouseeit”.

Montage 2014
Montage 2014

Competition and Exhibition

The competition is open from now till 30th June and anyone residing in Singapore during the competition period is eligible for participation. Photos will be judged based on the theme this year by an esteemed panel of judges.
Montage 2014 would also be hosting the largest exhibition launch in 16 years at Bugis+ on 18th July 2014 with ministerial invites.

Workshops and Seminars
The workshops and seminars will be held on every Saturday from 31st May till 28th June at various locations, featuring prominent photographers such as, photojournalist Bob Lee, commercial photographer Rory Daniel, fashion photographer Darren Leow, nature photographer John Arifin, and photographers from The Wedding Photographer’s Network, Lumiere Photography and Furry Photos. Participants can learn about the art of food photography, the experience of setting up a photography business and more through these interactive and informative sessions.
NUSPS hopes that through this photo festival, we can inspire more locals to appreciate and celebrate photography in Singapore.

For more information about submissions and the details of the events: Montage 2014