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[Fashion] Uncool Is the New Cool

This summer, the fashion-savvy have ditched butt-baring denim cut-offs and skyscraper heels, in favour of more comfortable substitutes (presumably to the cheers of women worldwide).

It seems that the notion of dressing for comfort as antonymous with fashion-forward has been gladly thrown out. Well, at least for a little while, before the fashion elite returns to form-fitting silhouettes again. But for now, the fashion world has spoken: uncool is the new cool.

In fact, the more ‘wrong’ or ‘ugly’ an item is, the cooler it seems. Trends may be fickle, but this time it’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon. Fashion today, ironically, is now more anti-fashion than ever. Go figure.

Here’s three uncool fashion trends that have become fashionably cool.

1. Culottes

The pant version of midi-length skirts (which have been quite a trend in themselves). Culottes as seen on Leandra Medine. (Source)

Following the appearance of Bermuda shorts in several runway shows last spring (think Rag & Bone and DKNY), hemlines have dropped even further this season. Dubbed “the silhouette of the season”, culottes can be great for spring-to-summer and summer-to-autumn transitions, when it’s unbearably humid in Singapore. On days when you don’t want too much skin showing but you can’t be bothered to put on a pair of jeans, culottes are a perfect alternative. I say easy-breezy clothing beats warm humid weather one to nil. Bonus points for looking polished like Leandra Medine of ManRepeller fame.

Where to buy: ASOS ($85), Topshop, Moda Operandi

2. Slides

Possibly the most unforeseen fashion trend of the year, but such is the extent of its spread that it’s now become official fashion jargon. Slides (Birkenstocks) as seen on Danielle Bernstein. (Source)

Influential bloggers and fashion personalities are fronting the most unflatteringly cool footwear, from pool slides to clogs to Birkenstocks. Our feet will probably thank us for this one.

Ashley Williams, a promising young London designer, wears pool slides “in winter with tights and socks”. Uh, not in Singapore I think. But wear slides with a simple, chic outfit like Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and you’re in with the fashion crowd.

Where to buy: ZARA

3. Mom jeans

Mom jeans as seen on Irina Kulikova. (Source)
It’s a blast from the past as fashion, once again, looks to the ‘90s for inspiration. Mom jeans as seen on Irina Kulikova. (Source)

Forget the skinny jeans of yesteryear, mom jeans are all the rage today. High-waisted and loosely fitted, mom jeans don’t make you feel like you have to struggle for a full 10 minutes just to put them on.

Since they’re intentionally unflattering, the trick is to make sure they’re the only “wrong” thing about your outfit. Best paired with a fitted tank top under an open blazer or coat, or simply with a classic plain white tee, you can’t go wrong.

Where to buy: Topshop ($93), American Apparel ($148)

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