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7 Hottest Faculty Bash Couples in NUS

With the closing of the Medicine and Science Faculty Bashes last night, the annual Bash pageants organised by the respective NUS Faculty Clubs have finally drawn to an end.

The beauty cum personality pageant is a yearly tradition that’s tagged after the Freshmen Orientation Programme at the start of every academic year.

In collaboration with the NUS Faculty Clubs, The Ridge is proud to present you (in alphabetical order) the winning Bash couples across our seven faculties!

1. Arts King & Queen: Weirong & Janella


NUS Arts Bash – Mode

Check out our exclusive feature of the Arts King & Queen and their experience running for Bash!

Courtesy of: Official NUS Arts Bash Facebook Page

2. Biz King & Queen: Jovi & Reyna 


NUS Business Jam’n’Hop 2015 | Switch

Courtesy of: Bizad Bash Team

3. Computing King & Queen: Marx & Dewi


NUS Computing Bash 2015

Courtesy of: NUS Computing Freshmen Orientation Programme Facebook Page

4. SDE King & Queen: Shawn & Janice


NUS SDE Bash 2015 – Deception

Courtesy of: SDE Bash Facebook Page

5. Law King & Queen: Shu Yih & Cassmine


NUS Law Dinner & Dance 2015: WANDERLUST 

Courtesy of: NUS Law Orientation 2015 Facebook Page

6. Med King & Queen: Ramesh & Shi Qing


NUS Medicine Dinner & Dance 2015: The Yule Ball

Courtesy of: NUS Medicine Dinner & Dance 2015 Facebook Page

7. Science King & Queen: Clement & Beverly


NUS Science Bash 2015

Courtesy of: NUS Science Bash Facebook Page

Have a favourite couple or have better pictures of them? Share your thoughts with us on The Ridge‘s Facebook Page or in your comments below!

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