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5 Wacky Things to do this Halloween

5 Wacky Things to do this Halloween
  1. Get ‘afeared’ with a Horror Movie Marathon.

It’s the last few weeks of school and your life semi-resembles a horror movie already. Watch some good ole’ horror so that you can laugh cringe at the many similarities between these movies and your life.


This is THE time to do a recap of all the cult classics like The Shining, Child’s Play, and Psycho; if you’re into gore, you can always watch the Saw series or some Japanese horror for all the blood and guts you’d like. Recent hits like Insidious and the Conjuring-Annabelle series should scare ya right up too. For a slightly more nuanced (yet equally sinister) experience, you can try something like Silence of the Lambs, The Sixth Sense or some Korean and Thai horror films. The list goes on- you can always mix’ n’ match for a varied, rollercoaster ride of screaming and covering your eyes.


My personal suggestion would be to watch at least one of the Exorcist’s and the Halloween series (after all it’s the namesake of this festival). If you’re out of moolah to go to the Halloween events around Sentosa, this substitutes as a good-enough replacement.


  1. Host a Halloween party for those who don’t have access to one.


No, I’m not talking about inviting the nerdy kid who conveniently gets ignored for parties (although you should probably invite him/her too; nerds are awesome!). You can always just go to an Old Folks’ Home or an orphanage and have a spooktacular time with them. Take your friends along with you, get your costumes on and flash your biggest smiles! (Disclaimer: try not to do this if you’re planning to follow the hype of the killer clown. Actually, just don’t dress up as anything scary. You’d be doing us faint-hearted folks a favour)



  1. Dress up as a zombie groom or bride and confess to your crush.

This is 100 % proven scary.


Or if you’re too chicken (like most NUS peeps) do this instead- dress scary and go up to your crush. Take a deep breath and confidently tell them that you’re their dead spouse from their last life. Tell them that you’re finally back to haunt them in case they are planning to find new meat for themselves. Here’s hoping this gets you a laugh, if not a date. And if it only gets you a horrified scream, well, don’t blame me, Lilo tried it first.

  1. Try out a food trail

Every festival has its own foods. So does Halloween. tumblr_lofyjkubyk1qevmspo1_500

Starbucks always has special pumpkin spice lattes and such to celebrate Halloween and some cafés have a special menu drawn up to fit the festival of the dead.  Why not go on a food trail with a group of friends and try out all (or at least some) of the Halloween specials around the city?

  1. Play ghostly games.

Bloody Mary, The Doors of your Mind, the Fortune Game. But above all, try the Ouija Board. Yup. Go ahead. Do it. Just don’t mention my name or the collective Ridge writers’ names when the spirits are asking for who to help (read: scare).



I’m joking about no. 5, but hey, if you really wanna, who are we to stop you?


Have a creeptastic Halloween!


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