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5 Fun Things to Do in NUS

5 Fun Things to Do in NUS

It’s reading week, and if you’re tired of catching up on readings, re-watching webcasted lectures and re-visiting your laboratory assignments, fret not, there are a myriad of things you can do to chill out and take a break! Here are five interesting ways to spice up your school life in this stressful period.

1. Become an Adventurous Foodie

Explore the depths of the canteens of every faculty, for you never know what gastronomical treasures you may uncover. This semester ushers in the opening of new eateries. Here are some of them:

Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl

Located at the heart of UTown, Waa Cow offers students the chance to indulge in Japanese bowls of flavourful goodness. Their menu offers a delicious spread ranging from Soy Glazed Chicken Wings to Octopus Karaage. Beefing up their game, their signature Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl is definitely to die for!

Personalised makis

Hugely popular maki franchise Maki-San has recently opened a mobile cart outside LT 25 (Faculty of Science). Design your own healthy and filling sushi and salad rolls, which are served to you in pretty boxes with vibrant pop art designs. Oishii!

2. Exercise

Stephen Riady Centre, UTown

Student life can be pretty unhealthy considering we spend much of our time sitting down. Fret not, the University Town (UTown) and the Multi-Purpose Sports Halls are some places in NUS with many sports facilities that one can use for free. Grab an exercise buddy – believe it or not, having a company simply increases accountability!

You can take a relaxing dip in UTown’s mesmerising infinity pool on Level 3 of the Stephan Riady Centre (SRC), which overlooks the prominent Town Green. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the pulsating music of the gym at the SRC while working your way through the machines. (Don’t forget your towel!).

 3. Join Enriching Events

There is a variety of engaging and enriching events held in school, and no matter your faculty, personality type or hobbies, there are bound to be some which are suitable for you!

Interested in serving others? There are plenty of ad-hoc volunteering opportunities organised by Uni-Y NUS, NUS Students’ Community Service Club and Rotaract Club NUS. In fact, Uni-Y NUS just had a welfare drive called #shareyoursmile, where members and volunteers gave out free encouragement memorabilia to students to motivate them and spread positivity.

Uni-Y’s #shareyoursmile Welfare Drive

Have a burning passion for sports? There is the annual RunNUS to look out for, as well as NUS Inter-Faculty Games (IFG), where you get to represent your faculty and compete in your preferred sport. IFG is your chance to meet like-minded peers who relish the same sport as you, and the options are diverse, ranging from badminton to soccer to DoTA (yes you saw it right; eSports aren’t left out, of course!).

4. Appreciate Our Natural History

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Explore natural history at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, which is located next to the University Cultural Centre and opposite Raffles Hall. This museum evokes wonder and enchantment with more than 10 zones spanning across 2 floors. Be enthralled by the exhibits of dinosaurs, mammals, amphibians, plants and many more!

Entry is free for NUS students, and no pre-booking is required; simply produce your matriculation card at the entrance.

5. Sleep

Central Library

We all know how essential sleep is to our general health. So after a tiring day of concentration or physical activity, why not head to the school library for a power nap? The Central Library is the largest library in school, with plenty of comfy chairs on level 3, perfectly suited for naps (and reading, of course).


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