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Launch of Better Internet Campaign 2017

Launch of Better Internet Campaign 2017


The Media Literacy Council (MLC) is proud to celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) on 7 February 2017 with the launch of the Better Internet Campaign. The Council has spearheaded the campaign for the fourth time since Singapore’s participation in the global initiative in 2013. The SID seeks to promote safe and positive use of digital technology and mobile devices, especially among children and young people. Specifically, the Better Internet Campaign aims to target youth and young adults between the ages of 15 to 35 years old.


The SID seeks to promote safe and positive use of digital technology and mobile devices, especially among children and young people.


In line with the global theme of “Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet”, MLC has adopted the campaign tagline: “Do What’s Right Online, Be the Change for a Better Internet”. Scheduled to run from 7 February 2017 to 31 May 2017, the campaign focuses on current cyber wellness: issues of cyber-bullying, discernment and excessive screen time.


Showcasing real-life stories of a diverse range of individuals with a personal experience of cyber-wellness issues (including students, educations, counselors, perpetrators and victims) will be available at the campaign website at www.betterinteret.sg. A series of social experiments covering these issues will also be conducted to generate greater awareness, conversations and reflections on the aforementioned issues.




The Zero-to-Fourteen Consumer Experience Study 2015 conducted by the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to understand children’s online and offline media consumption habits covered 1,200 children, reporting that 80 per cent of children surveyed have used the Internet. On average, children start using the internet at age six, and may become susceptible to online problems at this early stage of their development.


To preempt these problems, MLC has outreach programmes that reach out to targeted groups, namely, school-going children from secondary to tertiary levels and parents. They recognize the need to reach out to youth so as to nurture a new generation of responsible digital citizens. It is also recognized as equally vital to reinforce the message of good role modeling and effective parenting, as parents are in the primary position to inculcate in their children good digital habits.


They recognize the need to reach out to youth so as to nurture a new generation of responsible digital citizens.


MLC works with schools, Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), community groups and other government agencies like the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communication and Information, National Library Board, and IMDA to reach their target . One such programme is the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Media Smart Club programme which promotes media literacy among all three ITE campuses in Singapore.


In a separate survey conducted by TOUCH Cyber Wellness among secondary and upper primary school students in 2015, 33 per cent of the secondary students had experienced some form of cyber bullying and 25 per cent had bullied someone online. Compared with similar survey conducted in 2014, we’re seeing a 4 per cent increase of  primary school students who had experienced cyber bullying. At the same time, research studies done by the Singapore Children’s Society and the Institute of Mental Health in 2014 showed relations between cyber bullying experiences and self-harming behaviour in victims.


The campaign activities this year will consist a series of on-ground engagements and broadcasts on mainstream and social media, and are expected to bring about more awareness and discussions about these issues.


No Event Date and Venue Target Group
1 Celebration of SID 7 Feb at Google Cyber Wellness Coordinators
2 Workshop on online safety for parents, including panel discussion with speakers from Facebook and MLC members who are content experts and involved in family life education 10 March at Facebook Asia Pacific Parents from Parent Support Group
3 Youth Forum 18 March at PIXEL Studios Upper secondary students and above and youth
4 Roving truck to schools and community spaces March to April Students and youth
5 987FM School Invasion

In addition to DJs sharing their stories, we will also have sharing by youth whose stories we are featuring online as well

March to May Students and youth



Photo Courtesy of Mileage Communications Pte Ltd 


The Chairman of MLC, Mr Lock Wai Han, said:” The internet and mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, especially among our young people. It is therefore critical to encourage our youth to be positive online, while giving them the resilience, knowledge and support they need to navigate online risks. With the proliferation of news sources online, we need to be discerning to distinguish between falsehood and the truth, to avoid falling prey to scams and fake news.”


About Safer Internet Day (SID)

The SID is a public awareness initiative started in 2004 by the Insafe Network, a network of Awareness Centres funded under the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission. The SID takes place on the second Tuesday of February every year and seeks to promote safe and positive use of digital technology, especially amongst children and young people. This year’s global theme – “Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet” – emphasises the importance of collaboration and unity.


About Media Literacy Council (MLC)


The MLC works in partnership with industry, community and government to champion and develop public education and awareness programmes relating to media literacy and cyber wellness. In an increasingly interactive and participatory media landscape, the MLC seeks to cultivate and encourage the public to become discerning media consumers with the ability to evaluate media content effectively, and use, create and share content safely and responsibly.

It also advises the government on how to respond to emerging issues relating to the Internet and media content. Based on MLC’s four core values of Empathy, Respect, Responsibility and Integrity, the Better Internet Campaign raises awareness of cyber wellness issues that affect everyone, and encourages Internet users to unite and play their part in creating a safer, better Internet for everyone.





For updates on the campaign, please refer to the MLC’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MediaLiteracyCouncilSG and its website at http://www.medialiteracycouncil.sg/campaign2017/Pages/index.html.

Let us know how you combat cyberbullying over on Facebook page, and how such measures by the MLC may help younger users online. 

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