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6 Reasons to check out NUS Open Day 2017

6 Reasons to check out NUS Open Day 2017

Want to know more about what life in the National University of Singapore (NUS) is like?

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This Saturday (11 Mar), NUS will be opening it’s doors for its 2017 edition of NUS Open Day so that prospective students can find out more about what life is like as an NUS undergraduate. And if you need a reason to get you out of bed on a Saturday morning, we’ve got 6 on standby just for you: 

1 – Meet professors and students at Programme Booths

Meet actual people from courses you are interested in and get to hear first-hand accounts of their experiences.

Want to know more about specific majors and courses but are unsure who to look for? The programme booths will be the perfect opportunity to talk to both professors and students about their experience in their course. If you are still unsure what courses to take in NUS, it’s normal, because NUS has a total of 17 faculties and schools for you to choose from.

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, the second largest faculty in NUS, there are a total of 17 departments offering 20 majors such as: Geography, History, South Asian Studies. If Arts and Social Science is not your cup of tea, then check out other schools like the NUS Business School, School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering and more. 

Informational Talks

2 – Get informed at Informational Talks

If you enjoy sitting in the comfort of lecture theatres and seminar rooms to get an information download on course details and overseas opportunities, then these talks might be just for you! There are talks happening every hour around the entire campus. Some talks may be more popular than others and overflow rooms may be used in that case. If you don’t want to miss out, come early, pick up a visitor guide and map out all the talks you would like to go for

Student Life

3 – Have slice of student life at the Student Village

The Student Village at the Town Plaza will showcase the NUS’s various clubs and societies. If you want to learn a new dance style, sport or even join an academic society, this is the place to be. Joining a club might expand your social circle and you get to meet with passionate like-minded people. Personally, I’m in four different clubs because with more than 100 choices available, it’s so hard to pick just one!

Don’t forget to fuel yourself with the wide range of food options available in University Town. My personal favorite eats in University Town is Waa Cow followed by Butter My Buns, they have really nice food and plus with names like that what’s not to like? What’s more at the student village, you will even have the chance to watch performances, greet our mascots and win prizes when you participate in the activities!

Residential Life

4 – Understand what residential life is like

Want to find out why a whopping 11,000 students have made the decision to live on campus? NUS offers three forms of accommodations – halls, residences and residential colleges. Each offer a unique living and learning environment. Talk to students who have made the choice to in school and find the option that best suits your needs and personality. If you have not had the chance at independent living, this will be your first step into adulthood.

On this very special day, all of the colleges in NUS University Town, as well as, selected halls and residences out of University Town, will be opening their doors to the public. Ask the information booth more about the halls and residences that will be offering tours, they will gladly help guide you towards the halls and residences of your interest.

Campus Tours

5 – Hop on a free guided campus tour

Join our friendly student ambassadors on a tour around the NUS Campus and get a first hand look at our campuses. Not only that, our student ambassadors will share with you more about how they use the various facilities and their own personal learning journeys in NUS. You can also stop by our largest library, Central Library, on Campus Tour 2, to see where you will likely be spending most of your time studying and researching if you join NUS. Feel free to stay for the full campus tour or choose to alight at any of the designated stops to explore our NUS world on your own.

NUSGlobal FB

6 – Find out about #NUSGlobal

NUS will bring the world to you and bring you to the world.

So what does that really mean? Not only are what most of what we study targeted at gearing us to be ready for the working world in Singapore but an NUS education also prepares us for the trends of the global workplace. NUS has countless opportunities for students to travel overseas and enjoy the culture and knowledge that a global education can provide. There are NUS Overseas Colleges, Student Exchange Programmes, Summer/Winter Programmes, etc.

At any time of the year, NUS will have the programme that lets you travel the world and broaden your perspectives to different ways of thinking and learning. Again, you can find out more about these global learning opportunities at the respective booths and talks.

Programme Booth

Entering university is an important milestone in some people’s lives. What’s important is that you find a university experience that works for you

And maybe, just maybe, you’d find that in NUS. 

Don’t just hear it from me, head over for yourself and find out what NUS has to offer you! There is so much things to do on NUS Open Day and we look forward to welcoming you here.

Also, share with us your NUS Open Day experience on facebook or in the comments!

This article was written in collaboration with the people behind NUS OPEN DAY 2017, you can follow them on facebook too!


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