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NUS goes CASHLESS #cashlessweek

NUS goes CASHLESS #cashlessweek

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Together we can make NUS a cashless campus!

Imagine coming to school without a bulky wallet (forget about crumpled notes and heavy coins!), but only with your MOBILE PHONE for a faster, hassle-free payment experience, be it paying for your lunch at the canteen or any of your everyday purchases!

Led by NETS and major local banks, we are having the NUS Cashless Launch from the 12th to 16th of March across 6 locations around the campus. Get ready with your respective banks’ mobile apps, and watch this space for more updates!



What does CASHLESS mean to you?
– No more trouble finding the right coins in your wallet for the auntie in the canteen
– No more trouble keeping track of your expenses
– No more trouble passing your friend the exact amount of money that you owed since last Sunday
Together we can make NUS A Cashless Campus!



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If you are still counting coins in front of the Cai Fan Stall, it’s really… time to get your phone and leave your wallet behind when you’re hunting for food around the campus!

NUS Cashless Launch IS HERE, at The Frontier, Central Square, The Deck, Techno Edge, Utown and The Terrace from 12th to 16th March.

Be the first to enjoy the convenience and the perks offered by the major local banks!


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