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Aida- Verdi (Source Ballet Opera)
Watch Me: Aida by Verdi

Magic, Love and Angst to resuscitate your heart into action come 2018. Source: Erich Auerbach/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Coming soon to the Esplanade Theatre is Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, set to kickstart Singapore Lyric Opera’s (SLO) season 18/19. It’s doors open come beginning June next year, though ticket sales have already begun(hint, hint). Musical and Opera enthusiasts, are…

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Procrastination- Feature Pic

Every student is familiar with this word at some point in their lives. Maybe yesterday, maybe every day, maybe even right this instant you are holding hands with Procrastination. I would call him a friend… but I don’t think that’s quite right. Well, I’m not going to say I have just the solution for you,…

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