Barri Baskoro, Shane Mardjuki, Ghafir Akbar, Jo Kukathas, Daniel Jenkins, Edward Choy and Julie Wee in Shakespeare in the Park - Julius Caesar (1)
Julius Caesar [Theatre Review]

Shakespeare in the Park returns after a 2-year hiatus, with a powerful play about power and ambition. This year’s play, Julius Caesar, is based on true events in Roman history. However, the SRT’s adaptation provides a modern twist to the classic play. This version notably changes Julius Caesar’s gender as well as adapted the context…

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Canon EOS M100 [Review]

This labour day weekend I took the Canon EOS M100 for a spin. To start of I really liked the size of the camera it is compact and easy to bring out. It delivers quality images that matches up to the DSLR. In a way, this camera is a baby DSLR, that has similar quality…

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The Nightingale [Theatre Review]

This March holiday, bring your little ones to watch a beautiful play from the captivating story The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen. This story teaches children to treasure their friendships and to have courage to seek their dreams. Set in Imperial China, the Emperor of China seeks to find out what the best thing about…

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You Look Better Without Makeup

Sometime in March this year, I had made a Facebook post about a man commenting on my makeup and how “You look better without makeup. I prefer if you don’t wear so much”. This started a huge facebook war on my comments section which got pretty ugly. To summarise what had happened, there was essentially…

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Events / Features
great wall feature art
The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey

Coming this July 2017 is a play about love, courage and power. The Great Wall, based on an enduring and moving Chinese folktale, is poised to break down barriers while captivating and inspiring audiences from all backgrounds. Set against the epic backdrop of imperial China, it tells the tale of an ordinary woman’s strong resolve…

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Opinion / Singapore
Performance Art
Censorship in Singapore

The Singapore government argues that censorship of political, racial and religious issues to a certain extent is necessary to avoid upsetting the delicate balance of Singapore’s multi-racial society, which begs the question: how far is too far? Silencing Arts The M1 Fringe Festival controversy over two shows Naked Ladies and Undressing Room started on 22nd November 2016,…

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