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[Interview] LittleLives – Love educators, Connect Schools, Modernise Education

Officially set up in 2011, LittleLives provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to aid theefficient running of preschools. Founder Sun Ho, alumnus of NUS Computer Science, envisions the creation of a preschool education network that serves to facilitate the sharing of teaching resources across schools. Having focused on Singapore preschools since its inception, LittleLives is currently working on bringing its software abroad to expand this education network. Sun shares...


STGCC – Where East Meets West

Article by: Ng Ching Peng The first week of September saw the arrival of hundreds to Marina Bay Sands – all in the name of attending the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC). Held over the weekend, the two day convention featured exhibitors from the likes of Bandai to Shogakukan Asia, who were there to promote their new translated manga titles. Organized...


[Apps] ComicWalker– App Offers Latest Manga for Free in Japanese, English and Mandarin

Kadokawa is a major corporation in Japan with several publishing companies under its wing. With a prominent edge in light novel publishing, they have published several popular light novel series’ such as Sword Art Online and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. In March this year, Kadokawa launched their own manga website cum app ComicWalker, featuring...


[Interview] Playing with Moolah

Playmoolah makes fussy financial planning fun for you. Started by NOC alumnus Min and Audrey, PlayMoolah offers up WhyMoolah, an app that targets young adults. The app aims to help youth deal with the various financial decisions they have to make in the future. WhyMoolah features various simulations to take us through every stage in...


8tracks – Mix and Match Playlists for Every Mood

Article by: Rakel Tang You look at your music library and a thousand songs look back at you, none of them the right track for the moment. Alternatively, you manage to find that one perfect song for whatever you are doing now (running, studying, running from studying, etc.) but you cannot seem to find another song...


Xbox One – The New Challenger in Console Gaming

Article by: Yeo Jun Yan In 2013, Nintendo Wii U and Sony Play Station 4 arrived in the Singapore market, marking the start of a new generation of console gaming. These game console giants continue to churn out new models to pique our interests and inspire our desire for them. Yet, the new becomes the old every other year...