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Photo courtesy of Checkpoint Theatre. Photo credit: Joel Lim @ Calibre Pictures.
Thick Beats for Good Girls: An Interview with Pooja Nansi and Jessica Bellamy

Checkpoint Theatre is delighted to present an electrifying new production, Thick Beats for Good Girls. Written and performed by performance-poet Pooja Nansi (Singapore) and award-winning playwright Jessica Bellamy (Australia), Thick Beats asks a ton of questions about the balancing act that is being a woman, an ethnic or religious minority, and—God forbid—a hip-hop enthusiast. Directed…

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Aida- Verdi (Source Ballet Opera)
Watch Me: Aida by Verdi

Magic, Love and Angst to resuscitate your heart into action come 2018. Source: Erich Auerbach/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Coming soon to the Esplanade Theatre is Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, set to kickstart Singapore Lyric Opera’s (SLO) season 18/19. It’s doors open come beginning June next year, though ticket sales have already begun(hint, hint). Musical and Opera enthusiasts, are…

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Performance Art
Censorship in Singapore

The Singapore government argues that censorship of political, racial and religious issues to a certain extent is necessary to avoid upsetting the delicate balance of Singapore’s multi-racial society, which begs the question: how far is too far? Silencing Arts The M1 Fringe Festival controversy over two shows Naked Ladies and Undressing Room started on 22nd November 2016,…

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[Interview] Overdrive II: The Elephant in the Room

Talented dancers from across different faculties and dance societies in NUS eagerly auditioned for the exciting second edition of Overdrive. Part of this year’s NUS Arts Festival, the double bill will showcase two newly commissioned works of international choreographers Ricky Hu and Chen Wu-Kang. Overdrive II is set to raise the quality of dance in…

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[Alumni Events] The 65th NUSSU Anniversary: a night of celebration and reminiscence

Little known to many, the National University of Singapore has a rich, illustrious, and from our modern perspective, almost provocative political history. NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU) alumnus from various eras congregated at the Guild Hall of NUS Guild House at Kent Ridge to commemorate the 65th year since the NUSSU’s initial inception as the University…

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Montage 2014
[Photography] Montage 2014: NUS Photographic Society Celebrates Singapore Photography

The Photographic Society of The National University of Singapore (NUSPS) is holding its annual nation-wide photo-festival, Montage 2014, from now till 3rd August. Garnering up to 1,500 entries each year, Montage is one of the biggest and most anticipated photography events of the year run entirely by the management committee of NUSPS. Montage 2014: Photo…

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[Interview] Claire Wong and Karen Tan of ATOMIC JAYA

Atomic Jaya returns for a new production this October, with its much-loved satirical humour in place for another round of laughter and enlightenment. Written and directed by awardwinning playwright Huzir Sulaiman, Atomic Jaya starts off with the premise of “What happens when Malaysia decides to build an Atomic Bomb?” In comes physicist, Dr Mary Yuen,…

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