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Where Art Tho? – Investigating the visual arts scene in NUS through the lens of one of the university’s very own visual arts clubs, nuStudios.

Over the past semester, we saw an increasing vibrancy in the visual arts in NUS. With the recent installation of the Here! Arts Carnival Party in NUS as well as an Art History minor, one remains ecstatic about the prospects of the arts culture in the university.   The NUS Centre of the Arts (CFA),…

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Textures – A Weekend with Words

Celebrating Singapore’s vibrant literary landscape, Textures – A Weekend with Words will explore and champion Singapore writing in over 30 programmes from 9 March 2018 to 11 March 2018. Co-commissioned by The Arts House and #BuySinglit, and supported by the National Arts Council, the inaugural three-day festival also emphasise the literary community in Singapore — from writers, publishers and…

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Walk, Walk, Walk Search, Deviate, Reunite.(Photo courtesy of teamLab)
The Light to Night Festival – Singapore Civic District’s installations set to enthrall visitors

A precinct-wide arts festival spearheaded by the National Gallery Singapore along with five other partners, the Light to Night Festival transforms the civic district into spectacular works of art. Unique to the festival is the collaboration of the different art powerhouses in the civic district, ineludibly bringing you an event that encapsulates the best of…

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Aida- Verdi (Source Ballet Opera)
Watch Me: Aida by Verdi

Magic, Love and Angst to resuscitate your heart into action come 2018. Source: Erich Auerbach/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Coming soon to the Esplanade Theatre is Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, set to kickstart Singapore Lyric Opera’s (SLO) season 18/19. It’s doors open come beginning June next year, though ticket sales have already begun(hint, hint). Musical and Opera enthusiasts, are…

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Performance Art
Censorship in Singapore

The Singapore government argues that censorship of political, racial and religious issues to a certain extent is necessary to avoid upsetting the delicate balance of Singapore’s multi-racial society, which begs the question: how far is too far? Silencing Arts The M1 Fringe Festival controversy over two shows Naked Ladies and Undressing Room started on 22nd November 2016,…

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5 Upcoming Study & Break Spots in NUS

During vacations, as we wind down and kick back at home, the various offices of the University Campus Infrastructure (UCI) take advantage of the lack of students on campus and labor tirelessly against a ticking clock to constantly improve and renovate popular study spots, faculty canteens, and break areas for us students. Here are the…

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hello goodbye
Hello Goodbye: A Review

Say what you want about the overused boy-meets-girl cliché, but Hello Goodbye is an undeniably worthwhile romantic comedy. For starters, the restaged play had previously sold out at the Hampstead theatre in London. The story chronicles two acts (both set in the same self-contained apartment): a chance meeting of a couple over a housing mix-up, and their…

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7 Letters: A TL;DR Review

Artful and incisive, 7 Letters highlights the creativity of Singapore’s film industry. The government-funded collaborative anthology is helmed by some industry heavyweights, such as Eric Khoo, Jack Neo and Royston Tan. With the calibre of directors at the helm coupled with hype around film’s release for SG50, one should expect nothing less than a long…

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