Project:Gratitude 2012

610 splash some colour
610 splash some colour

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It is that time of the semester, but don’t let the March Madness (read: mid-terms, massive projects, many essays) hit you. Slow down your fast and furious lives for a moment, and come Splash Some Colour! on to our lives on campus!

Splash Some Colour! is an interactive art exhibition that shares the stories of unsung service staff on campus such as the toilet cleaners, canteen vendors and bus drivers! Often times in our busy lives, we tend to brush past these people without whom our lives in school would be vastly different, and far more difficult.

This month, let’s take some time off and tune our hearts into the hopes and dreams of the people around us. There will be cards and stickers at the exhibition for everyone to participate in the art canvas and share stories.

Catch the roaming exhibition at the following dates and locations!

About Project: Gratitude

Splash Some Color! is part of Project: Gratitude, a campus-wide initiative to give thanks to the unsung service staff of the university.

The initial idea for students to buy a piece of fruit and present it with a note of thanks to any of the service staff who had been a blessing in their daily lives on campus. Project: Gratitude believes that this small act can spark conversations and forge relationships, bringing the campus community closer together.

But really, Project: Gratitude goes beyond school and fruits. More than just “thank you”, Project: Gratitude really hopes to foster a culture of gratitude in the lives of individuals and communities.

To find out more about Project: Gratitude, and how to be involved, please visit: