Your Guide to Thrifting in Singapore 

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Disclaimer: Peace Center has officially closed for demolition at the end of January 2024. Second Story is currently looking for a new space, but you can shop over 20,000 preloved books and clothes online at in the meantime!

On a random day way back in 2018, I stumbled upon a small, nondescript, hole in the wall thrift store. Stepping inside tentatively, how was I to know then that for the next half-decade, this run-of-the-mill charity shop would open my eyes to the world of second-hand clothing? These second hand clothing stores, be it tucked away in a neighbourhood or nestled right in the heart of shopping districts, would be safe havens for me in the years that followed. Now almost everything in my closet is second hand, and I have spent half a decade hopping from store to store on a hunt for the best thrifting spots. With the recent explosion of stores popping up across Singapore, there has never been a more exciting time to shop second hand, especially when you can upgrade your wardrobe with unique pieces while doing your part for the environment. 

Whether you are new to thrifting or a veteran looking to explore up-and-coming stores, this guide is for you! From true thrift shops where bargains can be found for less than $10 to curated styles for those seeking to elevate their style, this list is just a snapshot of thrift stores you can find in our growing local secondhand and vintage scene. I have chosen to focus more on stores I have visited or heard good things about from friends, but there are many more stores than I can name in one article, so I would encourage you to do some research of your own as well. You might find hidden gems just a few streets away from your house, who knows?

This guide will be organised according to two categories — “thrift” and “curated” shops. For the purposes of this article, thrift shops refer to stores that carry all kinds of clothing, usually donated from locals, with prices starting as low as a few dollars. Given the more eclectic mix of clothes that you will find in these shops, it might take more time to find something special, but in my experience, patience often pays off, and of course, you cannot beat the prices. Curated stores, on the other hand, have more specific styles and categories of clothing in stock that are usually imported from overseas. They tend to have higher price points than regular thrift stores given the extra labour needed to source for these particular styles on top of extra shipping costs. I would recommend visiting these curated shops if you are really new to thrifting as it is easier to find popular items like jorts in a wider variety of sizes. 


For a no-frills, back-to-basics experience, look no further than these thrift shops, all of which offer more affordable clothing for those on a budget. Not to mention, your money will be going to great causes too! 

  1. Nightingale Thrift Shop 

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre, #03-05, 149053

Operating hours

2pm–7pm on Wednesday–Sunday

Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

What to expect: Based on my previous trips, they carry more women’s clothing than men’s (they have a few racks of men’s tees, polos and jeans), but they do have a good mix of casual clothing, workwear, and sometimes even formal wear like gowns. 

A plus point: They support the training of individuals with autism. The auntie is also very sweet and always happy to help. 

  1. Second Story: Peace Edition

Location: 1 Sophia Rd, #02-08 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149

Operating hours

12.30pm–7.30pm, Monday–Thursday and Sunday

12.30pm–10pm, Friday–Saturday

What to expect: A mix of clothing, some locally sourced and some imported from Japan. There is a decent selection of both men’s and women’s clothing. Items are usually below $20. 

A plus point: They also have second hand books and house weekend flea markets with small businesses. 

*Note: Peace Center is sadly slated for demolition in 2024. Visit while you can! There are weekend popups and other curated stores in the building as well. 

  1. SSVP Shop 

Location: 501 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389459

Operating hours

10am–4pm, Tuesday–Sunday

Closed on Mondays

What to expect: I tend to find more designer or branded items at this store as compared to other thrift shops, and all their clothing is usually in great condition. Again, there is more women’s clothing than men’s though. 

A plus point: They have a clearance bin filled with items that are only a few dollars a piece! The ambience is also really relaxed and comfortable, so I find it easier to take my time and end up staying for quite a while every time I visit.


If you are inspired to explore a new style or aesthetic, these stores are more than likely to have what you are looking for. I would definitely recommend bringing your friends along to go thrift store hopping, and there are usually cafés nearby these locations for you to have a drink or meal afterwards. 

*Note: I chose to focus on specific hotspots where many curated stores are situated near each other for convenience’s sake. However, some of these thrifting hubs have more stores than I have space in this article to name, and there are even more scattered across Singapore that I love and visit often, so feel free to explore on your own time as well.

  1. Anteiku Studios 

Location: 695 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198674 (Level 2 of The Pink House)

Operating hours

2pm–7pm, Wednesday–Friday

12pm–8pm, Saturday–Sunday

What to expect: They have a collection of more Japanese-style clothing with grunge and fairycore elements. Occasionally, they will also hold pop-ups and bring in other small businesses, so there is a great variety of styles that can be found here.

A plus point: They also house accessory vendors, so you can walk out with a completely new outfit.

  1. NearesTTen Curated Thrift Store

Location: 57A Pagoda St, Level 2, Singapore 059216

Operating hours

1pm–9pm, Monday–Tuesday, Friday–Sunday

Closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays

What to expect: Their clothing is very affordably priced with a wide selection of items for everyone (perfect for a group hangout), and sometimes they also have sales where everything in store is $10! 

A plus point: They close at a later timing than most thrift stores so you can come down after school or work for some retail therapy. 


*Note: There are quite a few new stores that have opened here since I last visited, but since I have not visited them, I decided to leave them out. Do take a walk around the mall to find these vintage shops though! They are usually on the second and third floors.

  1. Honsieponsie

Location: 1 Queensway, #03-06A, Singapore 149053

Operating hours

12.30pm–7.30pm, Wednesday–Sunday 

Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

What to expect: The best place to go for staples, from vintage tees to cargos, maxi skirts, jeans and more. 

A plus point: They are very size-inclusive and the staff are some of the friendliest people out there. It feels more like a community than a store.

  1. Bhabie’s Market 

Location: 1 Queensway, #02-08 Queensway S.C, Singapore 149053

Operating hours

1pm–9pm, Tuesday–Sunday

Closed on Mondays

What to expect: In my opinion, those with a more minimalist type of style would love this store. They stock sporty zip-up jackets, vintage sweaters, plaid skirts, button up shirts and utility-inspired crop tops and bottoms, and more. They have a good collection of unisex clothing in general.

A plus point: They have their own reworked pieces.

  1. Hikari Space 

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre, #02-38

Operating hours

1pm–7pm, Monday–Sunday

What to expect: On my previous visits, they had baby tees, oversized vintage t-shirts, bags, outerwear, cargos and more.  

A plus point: They rotate between various accessory vendors, so you can always find something to add the final touch to your outfit. 

  1. WEARE 

Location: 1 Queensway, #03-05A Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore 149053

Operating hours

12pm–8pm, Tuesday–Saturday

12pm–7pm, Sunday

Closed on Mondays

What to expect: Last time I visited there were many graphic and Harley Davidson tees, reworked corsets and sling bags, workwear pants, and more. 

A plus point: They now have a premium store right next door, so you can shop items like Stussy tees for $35 and above. 

  1. Daisypasie 

Location: Queensway Shopping Centre, #03-46

Operating hours

3pm–7pm, Wednesday–Thursday

2pm–7pm, Friday–Sunday

*Note: They are by appointment only. 

What to expect: This store stands out because it is exclusively a gown shop, so this is your best option if you are looking to rent or purchase a special dress for your birthday or school dance. 

A plus point: They do online sales as well.

  1. Woofie’s Warehouse

Location: 390 Victoria St, #03-31 Golden Landmark Shopping Complex, Singapore 188061

Operating hours

10am–8pm, Monday–Tuesday, Friday–Sunday

Closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays

What to expect: Everything is $10, so you can definitely find a good bargain. Really good mix of men’s and women’s clothing, including camisoles, vintage tees, denim and varsity jackets, NFL jerseys, work shirts, hoodies, cargos and more. All items are washed. Do note that there are no changing rooms.

A plus point: It is a self-service thrift store, perfect for introverts or anyone who prefers to shop on their own. 

  1. Two Worlds 

Location: Golden Landmark Shopping Complex # 02-31

Operating hours:

1:30pm–8:30pm, Monday–Sunday

What to expect: They have their own collection of clothing, including more feminine pieces like camisoles, fairy maxi skirts and more, but they also organise popups and bring in other small businesses with various styles. They also have accessory vendors as well.

A plus point: I think the store is bigger than the other thrift shops in Golden Landmark, so you have more racks to look through and clothing options to choose between. 

  1. Ai.kigai 

Location: Golden Landmark Mall, #03-56

Operating hours:

1pm–7pm, Monday–Wednesday 

12pm–8pm, Thursday–Saturday

Closed on Sundays

What to expect: They carry their own chrome hearts inspired clothes, and have housed other popup vendors selling t-shirts and jerseys, handmade accessories and bags, digital cameras and more. 

A plus point: They recently had a two week-long event where everything was $10!

  1. Re.drmg 

Location: 39 Haji Ln, Singapore 189232

Operating hours

2pm–8pm, Monday–Friday

12.30pm–8pm, Saturday

1.30pm–8pm, Sunday

What to expect: You can find handmade and curated clothes here. They have corsets, camisoles, miniskirts, Harley Davidson tops, baby tees, cargos and maxi skirts as well as belts, jewellery, messenger and shoulder bags, and more.

A plus point: They do online sales on their website as well.


Location: 664 North Bridge Road

Operating hours

1pm–8pm, Monday–Sunday

What to expect: Harleys, white button-ups, denim tops and skirts, unisex pieces like sweaters, polos and jorts, as well as some jewellery and bags can be found at this branch.

A plus point: This branch is bigger in size compared to their other store in Queensway Shopping Center.

I hope this guide helps you on your second hand journey and that you will love these stores as much as I did! The thrifting scene is growing at an unprecedented rate, and this guide barely scratches the surface, so I highly recommend researching more stores via Google Maps or through social media apps like Instagram and TikTok. 

Now more than ever, local second hand stores are becoming increasingly popular. Whether or not this is a trend is hard to say, but shifting our focus away from large corporations and towards small businesses is just one important way in which we can not only support the local community, but also reduce the generation of new waste and distance ourselves from the disposable culture that fast fashion perpetuates. 

Second-hand does not mean second-rate! In fact, it just might be the future of fashion.