Inch Chua’s Musical Campaign – How you can help a budding young musician get her songs heard

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We all know how hard it is to make it big in the entertainment industry nowadays. Talent has exploded everywhere, and so has the social media. And it is through social media that a true-blue Singaporean artist – Inch Chua – is attempting to gain a coveted place in the music industry. In essence, Chua is transforming the individual process of making an album into a truly social one. Want to know how you can be an integral part of her success story? Read on!

Inch Chua, born and bred in Singapore, recently made a significant move to Los Angeles in search of exposure, opportunities and of course, inspiration! She gained all of the above, and got the chance to perform in a plethora of American and Canadian music festivals.

She calls this move one of the most daunting things she has done in her life, but the thing with daunting experiences is that they provide plenty of inspiration and food for thought! Armed with reams of new lyrics, Chua is back in Singapore and at work on her latest album, ‘Bumfuzzle’. With vocals from killer musicians like Mark John Hariman, Patrick Taylor and Dalton Sim, this album marks the very first time Chua is manufacturing physical copies for release. So this record is close to her heart in many ways, and she needs YOUR help to give it the ‘final gleam of mastering, mixing and pressing’.

Of course, funding Chua’s album is not without any reward. If she reaches her target amount (10, 000 US dollars), she has promised donors pre-releases of her new album, exclusive silk screened t-shirts designed by the talented Amy Goh, high-end earphones from KLIPSCH (To enhance your auditory experience!), unique photo prints from a lomokino camera, a painting done by Inch Chua herself (yes, this girl is truly multi-talented) and, get ready for this, her very first Taylor guitar!

Chua’s fund-raising campaign lasts till October 28th but she has already collected more than 70% of her target amount. This is an ‘all or nothing’ campaign which means that funds will be reserved for Chua only if she reaches that 10,000 dollar figure. She is so close to her goal, and you can help her reach it!

To donate to Chua’s campaign and find out more about her life and her album, go to