[Fashion] The LT Lookbook (for Men)

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Guys, keeping yourself warm and toasty in the LT doesn’t mean you have to compromise on looking your best.

Your style doesn’t have to take a break while your brain starts working at Mach 7 speed. Here are three ways you can heat up your style in NUS’ winter wonderlands.

1. Sweatshirts


The concept of “sports luxe” hit the scene a few years back, and is definitely here to stay. Top on our list for this LT lookbook is none other than the humble sweatshirt.

Far from being a lazy alternative, sweatshirts achieve the nigh impossible balance of both fashion and comfort.

Previously sweatshirts might’ve been seen as boring, frumpy or just too much of a pain on the wallet, you can now get them cheap in fashion megastores like H&M and Topshop/Topman.

Even shops which don’t usually go for the street look have started stocking this cold-weather must-have, in designs that would perfectly match your feel and mood. For example, Japanese fashion giant UNIQLO, known more for their clean and simple aesthethic, has started to bring out more street-style sweatshirts in their latest SPRZ NY line, their latest foray into pop culture.

Perhaps another great thing about the sweatshirt is that there’s no such thing as a girl’s sweatshirt or a guy’s sweatshirt. Wear what you want, and if you can pull it off, no one’s the wiser.

2. Denim Jackets


Channel your inner badass with an all-time favourite, the denim jacket. Sleek, easy and definitely a very masculine option for our chilly LTs, this piece of outerwear deserves a special place in your wardrobe.

Denim jackets have always been associated with the tough and gritty, bringing a semblance of biker-chic to sunny Singapore. While leather jackets may not be a very practical option in our 90% humidity rate, denim jackets are a somewhat more reasonable alternative.

Another thing about denim jackets is that you can wear it over anything and everything, and somehow you can still look pretty awesome. Checkered shirt? No problem. Printed tee? Piece of cake. Orientation shirt? Stylishly comfortable.

While denim jackets may not come cheap, you certainly get what you pay for, as these can last a lifetime. Levi’s and Nudie Jeans are your best bet for these sartorial investments.

3. Cardigans


Cardigans have long been a preppy classic, and would definitely be a winner in any situation. They’re simple, light and can even be worn comfortably outside the LT beyond the realm of air-conditioning.

Unlike sweatshirts which cover your entire top, cardigans are more versatile: you can leave part of your inner shirt open for view (if you button up), or you can show it off entirely (if you let loose). It’s important to keep in mind what you’re wearing inside, and whether you can get a cardigan that matches.

Safe and easy choices would be grey and black, which would go with almost anything. But why not be a litte more adventurous, and try out different shades like maroon or blue? And while you’re at it, you might as well check different cardigan styles like shawl-neck cardigans too!

While cardigans can give a classy and preppy feel, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be a huge dent on your budget. You can get them for less at places like Bugis Street, or even at online stores like Qoo10.

So there you have it, all you need to know about beating the freeze and the frump. Now there’s definitely no excuse for wearing that ratty hoodie you thought was cool back in primary five.