Trick or Treat? NUS Horror Stories

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… Of the everyday variety.

With October upon us, it seems almost impossible to escape themed parties, paranormal stories popping up on our Facebook newsfeed or getting dragged by our friends to pay money to get scared Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios. But who are we kidding? These things feel like child play compared to the everyday horrors we face as NUS students.

Here are The Ridge‘s top 5 things that truly scare NUS students.

1. Walking into the wrong classroom (it’s not just the freshies!)Scarecons2-02

It’s Week 8 and your workload is now at full capacity. You have a morning class and you are there in person, but not in spirit (which is probably hovering somewhere over your bed) as you sit down in the nearest available chair.

Slowly realising that you barely recognise anyone, your friend from a different tutorial walks in, and the horror finally dawns upon you that you’ve gone for the wrong class. On the wrong week. Your embarrassment will haunt you for the rest of the day. Or two. Or maybe till the end of all your assignments, meaning never…

2. Phantom project group-mates

Scarecons2-05Many poor souls will see important project assignments turn into unmitigated horror stories. One group member will take on the form of a spirit and disappear on you, i.e. the perpetual overachiever that commits to everything except the project. The other one will be indecisive and appear nonchalant but subsequently challenge every direction you try to propose without offering any alternatives.

The last and perhaps the worst one, in the spirit of Halloween tricks, will offer responsibility over most of the work only to bail on you just before the deadline, forcing you to scramble and pick up the slack. After these projects, you may decide that you do not like human beings as much as you thought. Puppies and kittens are far better.

3. Messing up your datesScarecons2-01

This month, your eyes and brain will get into the festive spirit of trickery as well. Wait, the mid-term is THIS week and not the next?! What do you mean that my assignment is due tomorrow? Did I just miss the make-up class? Was the group meeting supposed to be today? What day is it even today???

P.S. This will happen at least twice a semester.

4. Missing “D” Bus


Every student needs the D. No, it’s not the innuendo in your dirty little mind, but the D1/D2 feeder buses. It’s 11.45am, your professor won’t stop rambling and your next lecture is – horrors of horror – at 12pm in UTown!

You hurriedly exit the class and dash to the bus stop, only to see the bus leave just as you arrive. Missing the ‘D’ buses is surely part of the unofficial initiation process to becoming an NUS student and you are late for class… again.

At least you have the sweat stains to prove that it wasn’t your fault this time.

5. Not completing your test paper


You studied hard for this test and fully intend to ace it. The test starts and everything is going well so far. Then, you mistakenly spend too much time on one question, and scribble what appear to be hieroglyphics for the last ten minutes or so as you scramble to complete the paper.

Flipping through it after the exam you then discover… an entire page left undone. Most cases subsequently seek solace in engaging the ‘Bell-Curve God’ in prayer after the exam, and also treat themselves to tubs of ice-cream to soothe the pain.

What else scares you as an NUS student? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook Page!