Bookmark the Arts for Recess Week

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2015 was the year of #goals – the hashtag for people to express envy and admiration. Well, 2016 is a brand new year and it’s time for a fresh new hashtag. Why not #upgrade yourself instead and be someone else’s #goals?

With the semester now in full swing, we bet some of you are already dreaming about recess week and planning what to do. But don’t just catch up on your readings – check out our handy guide for arts workshops, talks and events and discover your inner artist.

1. Student-Friendly (AKA Your Wallet Will Thank You Later)


If you are an early bird, then CreativeMornings might just be your cup of tea. It is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types, including entrepreneurs, developers and crafters, all completely free of charge and includes complimentary coffee (which some of you guys will definitely need).

For those who prefer more hands-on activities, the National Library Board’s goLibrary has a stellar variety of art and craft programmes ranging from pinhole photography, batik painting and even embroidery illustration. On top of that, NLB is also running PressPlay, a series of programmes catered especially for youths, including performances by local musicians such as Take Two, Riot !n Magenta and Ellipsis. Other options would be our local museums such as Singapore Art Museum and Art Science Museum, which often have free public programmes in conjunction with their exhibitions, so do keep a look out.

2. Shop + Make


Now an established local brand, Naiise is not solely a retail outfit — they often hold workshops by local designers and makers at their stores, giving you a little insight into the work that goes in the objects that you buy. The same goes for Public Garden, who connects instructors and designers with individuals looking to improve their skills. Plus, they offer a 15% discount on these workshops for students – talk about incentive! The General Co. at Tyrwhitt Road is another good option as well, not to mention that they are located right about the coffee maestros at Chye Seng Hardware.

3. Get Your Ink On


It would be nice to print something other than your readings for once, so why not try our printmaking? The obvious choice here would be Monster Gallery, a very well-established one-man show who doubles up as both artist and mentor for young printmakers. Fictive Fingers is another option for anyone who is interested in printing on textiles, including  learning how to design the patterns for printing. I would also highly recommend Typesetting SG, who works with both English and Chinese type fonts to create beautifully simple posters and cards. Additionally, he occasionally offers an unpaid internship programme for two weeks, a good opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more in-depth about typesetting.

4. Special Mention: Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle


If you love pottery (or at least have an interest in it), I would strongly suggest a day trip down to Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, one of the last places that uses a wood-fired dragon kiln for their pottery pieces. They consistently hold pottery workshops 2 – 3 times a month, which include hand-building and throwing on the pottery wheel. Even if your final piece doesn’t turn out too pretty, you can always purchase one of their imported or handmade pottery pieces!

Which of these workshops are you eager to try? Let us know and if you know of any other workshops that we’re missing out on, share them with us on our Facebook Page!