The Most Beautiful Love Quotes in Local Literature

Credits: Goodreads website

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Love isn’t just romance, flowers and Valentine’s day. Set your heart aflutter with some of the best quotes from the works of local writers.

“When the dream of day and wake

of night and the hours of long trips

become the same, love finds me

a caller waiting for a voice,

a traveller between heartbeats.

In a while, time will forget to exhale.”

– Gwee Li Sui, Busan-Chunchon (One Thousand and One Nights)

“My lips are not cement and they cannot seal these wounds

but I am here, palms held open and I love you.”

-Pooja Nansi, Here is a flower that needs no water (Love Is An Empty Barstool)

Love is An Empty Barstool by Pooja Nansi Credit: Goodreads

“In that moment, she has never loved anyone else. Or maybe it is just muscle memory; after all, the heart is a muscle, too.”

– Stephanie Ye, Seascrapers (Best New Singaporean Short Stories Volume One)

“The deaths ­– tiny ones, false ones, real ones – we undertake in the name of love art the closest that we ever come to greatness.”

– Amanda Lee Koe, The Ballad of Arlene & Nelly (Ministry of Moral Panic)

Credits: Epigram Books website
Ministry of Moral Panic by Amanda Lee Koe Credits: Epigram Books 

“The world owes me something – you are that world.”

– Alfian Sa’at, Request (The Invisible Manuscript)

Credits: Goodreads website
The Invisible Manuscript by Alfian Sa’at Credit: Goodreads

“Backbone broken, wind-

tossed, love is somewhere

too far off. It doesn’t matter.

What a state. Surely this

is the best kind of lost.”

– Sharlene Teo, Maps (QLRS)

“…even as you break us open like an

unkept promise, I will not watch my life go on without you”

– Tania de Rozario, Without You (Tender Delirium)

“Listen. Listen. My hand swims

into the bay area of your hand.

If we are silent for long enough,

we could start over.”

– Cyril Wong, A Kind of Hush (Unmarked Treasure)

Credits: Goodreads website
Unmarked Treasure by Cyril Wong Credit: Goodreads

“I miss you

dawn, dream and dusk,

whenever my words run out

and crawl, toothless and silent at last

to the kennel of your heart.”

– Felix Cheong, Missing You (Temptation and Other Poems)

“This is you,

opening your palm to me,

lets run to the edge of the earth,

jump onto the sun as it passes and let it take us up in flames to the sky,

we will be burnt eternal,

I should tell you it’s impossible.”

– Deborah Emmanuel, Too Good For Me

“I do not remember my words now but they

made emptiness easier to capture between

my palms so that I could throw it out when

you finally opened the door for me.”

– Tan Lixin, Loneliness Is A Habit (Before We Are Ghosts)

“The telephone lines have burrowed underground but I still listen for you, on nights where power lines spark in code, afraid to tilt my voice downwards to the dark mouth of the telephone, whisper your name on an empty line.”

– Marc Nair, Power Lines (Ceriph Issue 3)

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