Have yourself a very Crafty Christmas

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The December holidays are an excellent time to spend time with loved ones after the end of a long and exhausting year, a perfect excuse to get together and collectively stuff your faces. For those who celebrate Christmas however, gift giving can be frustrating and expensive – but for those who are willing to get their hands dirty, there are plenty of DIY options for everyone!

  1. Photo Projects

Photos are pervasive in our lives now and are important to most people. However, instead of buying the same boring old prints, try your hands on photo transfer to wood using glue.

Image courtesy of Hello Creative Family


Image courtesy of Photojojo

The most affordable acrylic-gel medium would be Mod Podge, which coincidently can double up as a finishing varnish. The smallest bottle, $4.20 for 4oz at Art Friend, is more than enough for A4-sized images. Wood can be purchased at either Art Friend or Daiso.

Author’s own

If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, you could also add text and quotes to your images to create a custom poster.

Image courtesy of A Beautiful Mess


Alternatively, you could insert a bit of fun to existing prints through simple embroidery. Thread and needles are available (and extremely affordable) at Daiso.

If you are truly on a budget, you can try your hands at this cost-effective, image-to-line-drawing technique to provide another dimension to the image.



  1. Clay Projects

Using polymer clay is another way to make a variety beautiful objects on a budget. The two most common brands found in Singapore are Sculpey ($3.10 for 4oz at Art Friend) and Fimo, which can be bought at most craft or stationary stores such as Popular or Paper Market. Depending on the number of colours you buy, these projects would likely cost less than $10.

Polymer Clay Necklaces


Marbled Jewelry Dish


Braided bracelets


Tip: Make sure to test the clay by depressing it a little before purchasing. If the clay is too firm, it is likely too old and will be hard to work with. Choose clay that is more soft to the touch.


  1. Drawing/Painting Projects

For those who are a tad more creative (or enjoy a challenge), these artistic projects would surely appeal to you:

Image courtesy of Brit + Co

Fabric paint comes in a wide variety of colours and work best on plain cotton – so you can paint anything from shoes, to clothing, tote bags and pencil cases, making for great customised gifts.

Image Courtesy of Fellow Fellow

Ceramic and porcelain items are perfect for customisation as well, using porcelain paint or markers found at Art Friend.


  1. The Ambitious, Spoil-Market Project

If you have a special someone you would like to go all-out for, this is the perfect project for you! Create your very own DIY marquee lights – all you need is cardboard, lights, and some patience. All materials can be purchased at Spotlight.


So there you go! Ranging from the simple to the more complex items, these DIY Christmas gifts are not only affordable but full of heart as well.