New Sem, New Me: 3 Resolutions for this semester

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Semester 2: A brand-new start for a brand-new semester?

As Semester 1 comes to a close and this new semester begins, it is very easy – much too easy in fact – to fall back into the dreary routine-ness of everyday life. Indeed, as the last semester wore on, I occasionally caught myself just going through the motions – attending lectures and tutorials like clockwork, rushing to complete assignments and group projects. The whirlwind of responsibilities easily swept me off my feet till I often became weary and unenthusiastic. “Jaded” was the term I used to describe myself more and more frequently. While resolutions themselves do not guarantee a radical ‘180 degrees’ change (how many of us actually keep all our New Year Resolutions? I’ve already broken some of mine), they’re at least a start!

New Sem, New Me: Here are some of my resolutions for a better semester ahead.

1. Explore more, be adventurous

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If you’ve been here in NUS for many semesters, feelings of boredom and indifference are probably inevitable. This sem, why not explore parts of the campus you’ve never been to before, join a new CCA or society, find a new study spot, sign up for talks or watch more on-campus concerts? If you’re like me and only ever eat at the same few food stalls (guilty as charged), trying out other places around campus for once is a nice way to mix things up. It’s not a huge leap of faith, but it’s nonetheless a (small) change to spice up your routine. Who knows, you might even discover your new favourite haunt!

2. Be punctual


No more sprinting up ten thousand flights of stairs and barging into the lecture theatre panting heavily and dripping with sweat. No more spending the first 10 minutes of class trying to catch your breath whilst the hammering of your post-marathon heart drowns out the lecturer’s voice. This sem, punctuality is gonna be key.

3. Plan ahead of time

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Many of us are guilty of last minute planning. At times, this could just entail burning a few nights’ worth of midnight oil to rush an assignment in time for the submission deadline, but on a more unfortunate scale, this might also cost us that coveted SEP or internship spot. Time and tide wait for no man (or busy student), so get your trusty calendar out and start planning early! Cheers to a great Sem 2!

What are some of your resolutions for this semester? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page! 🙂