NUSSU The Ridge’s 33rd Management Committee and Editorial Board says Hi!

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NUSSU The Ridge is proud to present the 33rd Management Committee and Editorial Board for this academic year, AY17/18! Find out more about the team behind NUS’s largest student-led publication! Meanwhile, we would like to wish all undergraduates the very best for the new semester ahead!
Velda Wong, Chief Editor of NUSSU The Ridge

I have been with The Ridge since 2013 and have been contributing to The Ridge’s article bank and development significantly. Deeply passionate in using media as a tool for positive social change, I hope to showcase Impact Journalism Day on NUSSU The Ridge someday in the near future.

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 Lauren Ong, Deputy Chief Editor and Features Desk Editor
I believe that a writer is a sum of their experiences. Via the plethora of incredible opportunities at NUSSU The Ridge, I seek to hone my voice as a writer and evolve the publication’s presence in NUS, creating a magazine that extends ordinary standards and includes investigative vigor.
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Julia Low, News Desk Editor
Incredibly keen to explore a variety of issues to perk the interest of passers-by and get them to stay. Looking forward to engaging my readers by getting them to feel, laugh, smile, as they learn and read. I hope to see NUSSU The Ridge become something students talk about and share with others.
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Raebekah Soh, Opinion Desk Editor
I love storytelling and inspiring others with the content I create. Through the articles published on NUSSU The Ridge, I hope to elicit thinking and discussions on various topics by providing alternative perspectives.
Sara Soh, Entertainment Desk Editor
To write, draw and design –  NUSSU The Ridge is a space for me to explore and combine all things I love into one. This semester, we’ll be working hard to increase its outreach and create better content, so don’t be afraid to pick up a copy of our magazine and start reading away!
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Gwenice Gwee, Lifestyle Desk Editor 

I have always wanted to be involved in publishing a magazine, so I am really glad to be part of NUSSU The Ridge. This academic year, I hope that our magazine would be able to share more interesting articles and gain more publicity within the NUS community!


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Jae Chia, Creative Editor

As someone with a deep interest in content creation and the arts, I hope to increase the exposure of my readers to the local and international arts and creative scene, through the production of quality content that has the ability to spark interest and imbue inspiration.


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Andi Lim, Head Copy Editor

I’ve always been enthralled by art in its various mediums; illustrative, performance and of course, written. It’s fascinating to pick apart stories and essays, to analyze and understand them. From this we learn and appreciate the different forms and styles of writing, and I feel the exposure helps us develop our own writing skills. I hope to help NUSSU The Ridge maintain and further improve its works as well as make it more well-known to the NUS student population.


Charlene Pang, Social Media Manager
My hobbies include café-hopping and reading. I hope to increase the popularity of NUSSU The Ridge by using mainly Instagram and Facebook so that more students are aware of us.
Da JIan
Da Jian,  Creative Director
My role is to design posters and do illustrations for the various articles. I hope to be able to use my design skills to help bring the articles by NUSSU The Ridge to life, and also the annual freshman magazine NUS1101 that helps all freshmen settle into the triumphs of University Life (If you are a freshie and you haven’t heard about the magazine, do click here!)
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Marcus Tan, Finance Manager
I ensure all financial transactions in NUSSU The Ridge are done properly and paid for. I hope that NUSSU The Ridge would be more popular in the coming semesters and will continue to publish school news and opinions for the year ahead!
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Rahul Banka; Finance, Operations and, Marketing Manager.

Rahul is a sophomore, majoring in Economics. Through his internships, Rahul has had the experience of working in financial services firms, working in teams, and meeting deadlines. Rahul values teamwork, initiative, adaptability, and the drive to learn. As the Finance, Operations and, Marketing Manager, Rahul administers funds and logistics, to ensure smooth functioning of the committee and magazine. He aims at re-positioning the magazine by collaborating with corporate institutions and reaching out to the student body.