Watch Me: Aida by Verdi

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Magic, Love and Angst to resuscitate your heart into action come 2018.

AidaSource: Erich Auerbach/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Coming soon to the Esplanade Theatre is Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida, set to kickstart Singapore Lyric Opera’s (SLO) season 18/19. It’s doors open come beginning June next year, though ticket sales have already begun(hint, hint). Musical and Opera enthusiasts, are you guys getting the theatre giggles yet?

Aida tells the story of two star-crossed lovers (an epithet most famously referring to Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare), so tragedy lovers better ready your wallets! The Ethiopian Princess, Aida, has been captured in Egypt. Keeping her true identity a secret, she is made slave to Amneris, the Egyptian King’s daughter. Amidst her captivity, she falls in love valiant Radamès the Egyptian general, and him with her. Problem number one, he is betrothed to Amneris. Problem number two, Radamès is tasked with leading an army against her homeland. Her people, her nation, or her love? How will Radamès respond in kind?

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The Opera will be a four-act sequence, directed by veterans Nancy Yuen and Andrew Sinclair. Going back in time to Ancient Egypt, with scores originally meant to enchant Egyptian audiences with their authenticity, anyone lucky enough to witness the production is sure to be spellbound and leave touched by a night of magic.

Long time theatre devotees may think fondly back to the big scale 2005 production of Aida at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, by Global Entertainment and SunVic Productions. Unlike before however, the SLO version aims to focus on the intimate relationship between the characters and spotlights the heart-piercing and turbulent struggles of Aida and her beau, paying due tribute to Verdi’s composition of emotional brilliance. Not to be mistaken, or worse – missed, it is to be one of SLO’s biggest productions yet.

Some background on the Opera’s History:

It was first commissioned by the Khedive of Egypt to celebrate the opening of the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo. Aida was first performed on 24 December 1871. It has enthralled audiences around the globe for more than 140 years, making it one of the most famous operas of all time.

Point: It’s too good to be missed.


Singapore Lyric Opera is renown for many celebrated productions in Singapore, naming Madama Butterfly (2005, 2013), Carmen (2011) and Turandot (2008), to name a few.

For further details, refer to Singapore Lyric Opera’s website for more information. Tickets can be found at all SISTIC agents.

Sighs, Operas. Their only faults – causing excessive tissue use and leaving one too enchanted that one neglects one’s bladder.