The Light to Night Festival – Singapore Civic District’s installations set to enthrall visitors

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Light to Night Festival 2018 (Image courtesy of National Gallery Singapore)

A precinct-wide arts festival spearheaded by the National Gallery Singapore along with five other partners, the Light to Night Festival transforms the civic district into spectacular works of art. Unique to the festival is the collaboration of the different art powerhouses in the civic district, ineludibly bringing you an event that encapsulates the best of the different art forms – visual, literary and performing arts.


Themed ‘Colour Sensations’, festival-goers can look forward to a vibrant kaleidoscope of public art and activities by artists from Singapore and beyond that include interactive light projections, illusory play with mirrors as well as performances that span across seven programme zones in the civic district precinct.

House of Mirrors

Some of the festival highlights include the House of Mirrors that is set to enthrall visitors on the Empress Lawn. Created by Melbourne artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, the installation is an intriguing labyrinth of endless mirrors that offers thousands of disorienting optical illusions and reflections in a house-sized kaleidoscope after the dark. If one finds such interactive art piece fascinating, David Medella’s A Stitch in Time, is also not one to disappoint. A piece about travel, time, chance and an interesting back story, the audience are encouraged to sow small objects of significance onto a large cloth in a public space. Together, the piece exists as a large, beautifully textured piece that holds testament to all those who contributed to them, interweaving the stories of many into a single collaborative piece that speaks a figment of the human story.

David Medalla - A Stitch in Time. Credit - Another Vacant Space

This is only a glimpse of what the Light to Night Festival offers. Organised as an ode to the timeless monuments and public art spaces and with the mission to make art accessible for everyone, the Light to Night Festivals gives on a wholesome experience that invigorates the mind with state-of-the-art technology, lights and creations. From Padang Atrium performances to performances at The Arts House. From the art skins on monuments to interactive installations. The festival has something for everyone and is definitely not one to be missed.

Centred at the Civic District, the festival is held from 19-28 January 2018. For more information, check out