NUS Fashion but Make It Christmas

01 05 NUS Christmas Fashion
01 05 NUS Christmas Fashion

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas: what started out as a sacred religious holiday has now become synonymous with good cheer and festivity, regardless of race or religion. In light of that, this Christmas season, The Ridge went around and collated a few of our fellow NUS students’ A+ Christmas fits! If you’re having Christmas withdrawals or looking for some inspiration for next year, stay with us and start scrolling! 

Shannen's Christmas look
Shannen Ng, Year 3, Business Administration

Originally inspired by the traditional colors of Christmas, red and green, Shannen took her outfit to the next level by not only posing alongside a Christmas tree but also making use of its lights. We definitely stan avant-garde accessorizing!

Justyn's Christmas look
Justyn Toh, Year 4, Communications and New Media

As Justyn’s an intern who’s in charge of a certain big company’s social media, he’s serving us influencer realness in his street-meets-Christmas outfit! Though the fit’s a conglomeration of eye-catching patterns, Justyn deems that his red Statue of Liberty socks are the items that make the outfit special.

Nadya's Christmas look
Nadya Low, Year 2, Linguistics

Bearing Singapore’s humid weather in mind, Nadya chose to wear a short-sleeved ribbed blouse. Accompanying it with a red polka-dot skirt and Santa hat, she’s definitely bringing Christmas but in a tropical-country-friendly way.

Lukasz's Christmas look
Lukasz Yim, Year 2, Political Science

With the intention to look smart casual, Lukasz donned a get-up that showcases a teal pyjama collar shirt, pair of blue relaxed skinny jeans and white sneakers. According to him, this outfit fits his personal style really well: making an effort but staying well within his comfort zone. 

Isha's Christmas look
“When Christmas fails to bring the cheer, sometimes you gotta bring it yourself!” — Isha Meleth, Year 2, Communications and New Media

Arguably the most festive outfit in this listicle, Isha wow-ed us with her plaid-on-plaid but make it classy Christmas ensemble. We’re pretty sure that we’re not the only ones who think that if Santa really did exist, he would definitely approve of this! 

Valencia's Christmas look
Valencia Candra, Year 2, Communication and New Media

Y2K fashion but make it Christmas! Valencia the fashionista served us a look that melds trends and classic holidays. An oversized nike pullover accompanied with combat boots, a red plaid miniskirt and a 90s era shoulder bag? Yes please! 

Shermaine's Christmas look
”Going back to basics because this year was a hot mess.” — Shermaine Ang, Year 4, Literature

Bringing us a well-loved staple, Shermaine spent Christmas lounging with a cocktail in hand in her white t-shirt and denim look. But to keep up with the merry atmosphere, she linked her outfit back to Christmas with her eye-catching red backpack—pop of color done right! 

Serena's Christmas look
Serena Lum, Year 4, Economics

Paying an homage to 2020’s saving grace, Emily in Paris, Serena gorgeously slipped into her plaid-on-stripes ensemble. Giving us a taste of bonjour so good we can’t help but let out a big fat oui! 

Peter's Christmas look
Peter Kosasih, Year 2, Economics

Matching a red, vertical striped mandarin-collar shirt with ripped white denim shorts and loafers, Peter tried to marry dressy and casual, and we think that he did well in that respect! Definitely a bottomless-brunch-worthy get-up!

Connie's Christmas look
Connie Lim, Year 2, Project And Facilities Management

Taking inspiration from an unexpected source, Connie wow-ed us with a tan ensemble reminiscent of a quintessential Christmas ornament that we frequently overlook: the unadorned tree! We definitely love a style queen that goes beyond conventions! 

Don’t know about you but we’re definitely excited for Christmas to come around again! Come tell us what you think of the outfits at!